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Help Can only see 9 apps on a page


Oct 6, 2014
Not sure what happened... I didn't recently update or anything but I restarted my phone and all of a sudden one of my pages can only hold 9 apps and not the full 16. When you try to add apps to that page, it looks like there is only room for 9 apps. Even moving all the apps away from that page and onto a new one, converts that page to a 9 app page.

Thank you
I mean are you using the stock rom or a custom one? I don't believe the stock launcher has any settings to change icon spacing but I may be wrong as I flash custom roms within hours of getting a new phone.

Not the best solution but you could try going into the settings and clearing the appdata for the launcher, this will remove all icons/widgets you currently have on your homescreens also.
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Not sure what you mean by Rom... I didn't install any Rom in my device

Sorry, Custom Roms are something advanced users might install because they do not like the way their phone looks/works or do not like all the preinstalled apps/bloatware. If you never modified your phone we generally refer to this as stock.

I would say try clearing the appdata for the launcher app as I stated above. If that does not fix it hopefully someone with more stock rom experience can come help you out. I wish you luck.
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I'm guessing that one of the nine icons on that 'limited' page is a widget, not an application. App icons are usually 1x1, with each screen having a grid of 16. Widget icons can be 2x1, 4x2, 4x4, etc. If so, that 4x4 widget icon is only letting you put 8 other icons on that particular screen. Dump that errant widget icon and replace it with its corresponding app icon.
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