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Help can you make folders within folders for apps on homescreen?


The "folders" on your home screen are not like folders which contain other folders and files, they are just groupings of apps. They do not appear as folders in any filemanager. AFAIK you cannot have sub "folders" of apps on the home screen.

NB You can put "folders" of apps in the dock at the bottom

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Nova lets you group your icons in folders on the desktop. example; first pic popcorn icon.
You just enable and drag the apps on top of one another and they stack together showing the original app. you can change the appearance of the backround (disk, hole, box etc.) which makes it look like they are coming out.

then if you tap the icon it will show the grouped apps in the folder and you just tap what you want to open
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You CAN do that with Nova launcher!

I've been doing it for a while. It's a little tricky because you can't do it by just dragging a folder into a folder on the home screen. You have to do it within the settings under App Drawer -> Drawer Groups. There you can select a folder to be included in another folder. If the parent folder is on your home screen, than it will now contain the child folder.

I was searching to see if any other launchers can do this, but haven't found any others.
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