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Can you stream netflix without wifi?

I was wondering if you guys can stream netflix without wifi? I can sort of but it takes a long time to buffer and is choppy so I was just curious if anybody can using this phone.

I highly doubt you could. Maybe be with 3G. I was in Orlando yesterday and there was pretty solid 3G and YouTube videos were loading pretty fast. But on a 1x connection, they don't load fast at all. I'd assume the same with Netflix, though, I haven't used it on the phone yet. (to be honest, I didn't even know it worked on these phones) On the PC, Netflix bases the video quality on your internet speed, maybe it does the same on your phone. So on 1x, I'd say...wait till you get to wifi, the buffer would be immense and the quality would be terrible. On 3G, it should be bearable, even if the quality is lacking. :rolleyes: I hope where you live, you can actually pick up 3G, I know I can't. Lol. At least not yet.
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And from personal experience, unless you have a really good 4G connection, this won't render anything viewable either. I think it has to do with the fact that if you are moving, you never can get a really good, stable, signal, it's way too up and down. I only get a max of 350 kb/s at home on my wifi, but it is sufficient for Netflix. I have gotten a max of 10 mb/s in some good 4G areas, but it isn't steady and thus it just sits and buffers and skips and buffers and skips and..... Well, you get the idea. If you have T-Mobile, AT&T, or Verizon it may be different, but Sprint's 4G WiMAX isn't really very stable. I'm in and out of good coverage all the time. Even in downtown Dallas.
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