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Help Cannot install apps in default location


Sep 14, 2013
that should work for a galaxy s2. what phone do you have?

can you give us a better picture of what is going on? like what phone you have? does this happen when you download apps ?

Hi - I have a Galaxy S4 and I'm experiencing the same problem. When I download an app of whatever variety, and I make sure I have the space for, I get an error message which I have attatched!

I don't have the setting to unstick SD and I don't have an SD card in the device.
Hoping that anyone would have any idea about it with it being an S4!



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Adam, this is really weird bc i had to help my brother with the exact same error message last night.
I looked in his storage and even though it supposedly had enuff room for the download, he needed to move some more stuff around to free up more space.
So, are you SURE there's enuff room? :)
Try to free up as much space as you can and then try to download something small. Like only a couple mb.
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