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Root Can't active phone after root

Ok. I just purchased the phone yesterday. I used gingerbreak and installed the green machine theme. It works great, I'm pretty excited about it. I was nervous about rooting the phone so I did it before I activated it so I would have a functioning phone (my old one). I went to activate it today, and the instructions virgin mobile gave aren't working. So now I have an awesome phone that I can't activate.
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Ok. No problem.
If you haven't gone into your recovery and selected the backup option in the backup and restore section, do so now. This will make a nandroid backup of you new ROM (everything exactly as it is right now, apps on a particular page and everything) .
When thats done download the Harmonia ROM from here [ROM] Harmonia 1.6.1c (Aphrodite+Picasticks) 21Sept11 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com
Then make sure you wipe cache partition, dalvik cache(advanced section), and data/factory reset.
Go to mounts and storage section and format boot,cache,data,and system.

Go to install zip from sd card. Select zip from sd card. Navigate to where the Harmonia ROM zip is at and select it. It will be in the download or downloads folder.

When you get your phone activated just go back into your recovery and wipe and format the same things. Then go to the backup and restore option. Select restore. Choose the date stamp for the backup you made.
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You're comparing apples to kumquats. Both ROMs are good, but built around different goals. You should decide what features are important to you, then chose accordingly. You can always flash Harmonia, and if you miss all of the tweaking options you can return to the BACKside of the Force. If you have the time and are really curious, you could also try Bumblebee. The beautiful thing about rooting is the freedom to do just that. If you change your mind in two weeks, you can change your ROM. It's almost like getting a different phone!
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