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Help Can't Connect to Tesco/02 Mobile Web?


Oct 18, 2010
Hi All,

I'm having trouble connecting to mobile web with my Tesco SIM.

I have a tick next to 'Mobile network' in Settings, and the Network Operator is set to 02, which is auto.

I'm sure it worked the other day when I fiddled, but I might have switched something off by mistake.

When I try to launch the Internet app, I get an error that asks me to sort my mobile web settings, which takes me back to the Settings I have mentioned above.

Can anyone help? :(

I only noticed today that my connection wasn't working properly with O2, it wasn't connecting to HSPDA networks, data over GSM was very slow if not unusable. I've mainly been using wifi networks so hadn't really noticed until now.

I had picked the O2 postpay option when I first started the phone up with my sim in it as I am on contract.

I set my settings up manually today and my phone came to life.

Follow the instructions below:
O2 Forum :: View topic - No 3G support for HTC HERO??!!!

Actually I thought Tesco stopped piggy backing O2 and moved to orange? Or did I hear that wrong?
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