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Cant Connect to Wifi... Please help


Jun 13, 2012
So recently, I got a new modem installed provided by my ISP (DPQ3212). Im using this modem with my Router (DIR-615). Before I changed my modem, My wifi was working on my Optimus T totally fine. Now its not. I have no idea why. Ive reset the router and the modem. Still cant fix it. On my phone, It will sometimes connect but only for about 1min. Also, The signal seems to drop sometimes even though im in the same exact room as the router. Sometimes it will even say my network isn't even in range. It keeps trying to connect but hardly ever works... I dont know what else to do. Someone help figure this out please =( Also I just tried to connect to the network on my other computer and it wouldnt work. Could it be my router? I just dont understand how a modem change could cause this...
Have you tried this: In phone WiFi settings choose to ignore network. Turn off phone.
Disconnect everything from the router and turn off.
Disconnect everything from modem including taking out the batteries.

Do everything in reverse making sure each one is fully booted up before moving to the next step.

You might want to turn off PC during this as well. Verify you have a WiFi signal before turning on phone and signing in to your network.
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