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Can't download any apps!!


Jul 17, 2013
Hello, i recently just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 from a friend originally on T-Mobile but he unlocked it, it won't let me download any apps. It says your app will now download, the icon will appear in notifications for about 2 seconds then disappears and doesn't down. Please help!!
Welcome Garley :hello:

Try going to settings > apps, find the play store, clear data and cache. If that doesn't work try going to accounts and remove the google account and re-add. You can also try going to settings > apps, find Google Services Framework (or Framework Services .. can't remember) clear data and cache and restart phone.
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I don't have the Play Store? only market where it don't download or Samsung Apps where it isn't on there :thinking:

ok, try clearing data and cache from market and if there's an option there for uninstall updates do that too. And removing and re-adding your google account. The market app should update to the Play Store app.
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