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Root cant get to bootloader screen


Jul 7, 2011
Has anyone got to the bootloader of the EVO 4G with Gingerbread?

Somehow 30 minutes ago, I got to the bootloader for the EVO 4G with the gingerbread installed... Don't know exactly how, but it caught me off guard. This is all I can remember:

My phone died, so I hooked it to the charger. After watching a movie, my phone was charged completely with a green light. With it still hooked to the USB cable (and wall socket), I believe I held the power button and "UP" volume button. The screen stayed black for a second or two, then the bootloader showed up. I exited it to try to reconfirm my actions, but somewhere I must have missed a step. As I think of it, I might have released and quickly repressed the power button in the process.

I tried many combinations, but I just get the fastboot. I believe I might have to let my battery rundown until its bone dry, charge it to the max, then turn it on using the above suspected method to see if the results are true.

NOTE**** If it means anything, debugging on my phone was off.


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