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Root can't install rom?

It sounds as though you may have gotten a bad download/partial file.
First try downloading the ROM file again. Typically the dev posts an md5 number, check that against the file you download, which can be done using this fine program AFV (Android File Verifier) - Android app on AppBrain.
If the md5 numbers match you should be good to flash the ROM. A nand backup would be a good idea, if you haven't already done one, and be sure to wipe both data and dalvik before flashing the ROM.
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when i try to install a ROM from recovery mode, it doesn't let me...it gives me an error saying "invalid signature" or "verification error"...

i am rooted, does anyone know why?


The most typical cause for a "corrupted" ROM file is truncation - a file which is "short" of it's correct length.

This usually happens in one of two ways, the first being the most common:

1) The user is transferring the file from his PC to the phone, and fails to use the proper sequence to insure that the file is fully transferred:

a) Plug the phone in to the computer via USB

b) Tap the USB notification (in the Eris' notification bar) and use the menu presented to "mount" the SD card to the PC

c) On the PC, use a file explorer to transfer the ROM file to the drive letter where the Eris' SD card appears ( usually E:, F:, G:, etc )

d) Wait a little bit - maybe 30 seconds to a minute (ROM files are big: 50-100+ MB)

e) Use the "Safely Remove Hardware" control in your (Windows PC) system tray to soft-disconnect the mount. (Or, depending on the Windows version, in Windows Explorer, right-click on the drive letter and select "Eject" from the pop-up menu) You normally will see a little balloon pop up that says "Safe to remove hardware"

f) On the eris, again use the USB icon in the notification bar to disconnect the mount of the SD card. After this step is complete, you can disconnect the USB cable if you like.

g) Using AFV on the Eris (as suggested by mhotovec above), check the validity of the ROM file on the phone ( it will be in the /sdcard folder ). Since 100% of the ROMs for the Eris are "signed", you can perform the same validation step in AFV that also happens in Amon_RA - so you don't even need a md5 signature from the dev.

Note that there is nothing special about phone ROM files other than they are big - this is the same procedure you should be used for disconnecting after writing files to ANY USB device. Some people erroneously get in the habit of just yanking USB thumb drives out of their PC without using the "Safely Remove Hardware" controls - and they can get away with it if the files are small, or there is a fair bit of delay between the time the last file was written and when they "yank" the thumb drive.

Because the PC is fast, the ROM files are big, and flash media drives are slow, it is very easy to truncate a ROM file when transferring it across the USB - if you do not use the correct procedure. The reason for this is that the PC has pushed the file into it's "file cache", and it appears to the user as if the copying has completed - but it can take many seconds to finish copying a big file to the target USB flash device, and this happens in the background. Note that if you use the "Safely Remove Hardware" control while this copying is still happening, it will wait until all pending writes are completed - that's why you should wait to see that little baloon pop up and say "Safe to Remove".

2) The other way truncation can happen is if you are downloading directly to the phone using the browser, and the download process times out, but you don't notice that happening.

In both cases, you can save yourself some trouble by verifying your ROM files integrity (using AFV) before you boot into Amon_RA.

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