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Accessories Case that creates normal shape

The Body Glove case they sell at the Verizon store doesn't completely hide the camera bump, but it does make it much less pronounced. But to do that, they make the thinner part of the phone thicker to fill in that space with the case, and that makes the phone both thicker and heavier. I had that cover on my DX originally, but recently switched to the Rocketfish case. I don't care if people think my phone looks funny, though, since it's my phone and not thiers, and I like it thinner and lighter.
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Who cares what they think, do you think it looks funny? If you did, you probably would not have bought the phone, right? You gotta be secure in the decisions you make be it your phone, your girlfriend, your ride, your mustache (... er, you DON'T have a mustache... right?), etc... People who are insecure make fun of other peoples things to make them feel better about their decisions. So if someone makes fun of your phone you automatically have the advantage over them because it's obvious they are insecure, so just make sure you are not.

This means when they make fun of the hump on your DX you just smile and say, "well your mom sure likes it", and just hope his dad isn't anywhere close!

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no im serious jreed, no ghetto stuff, BLOW.YOUR.MIND

I love being blown! Wait, that didn't come out right....well....nevermind....

Why the problem with the hump? I know some people think it looks different but honestly you would only be adding additional unnecessary bulk to the phone if you had this. I love the fact that it's so light weight and I put mine in my front jeans pocket....hardly noticeable! And I like the hump on it as my hand rests there nicely when I use the phone

If you don't like it, that's one thing....but I wouldn't let your friends form your opinion. They're probably just jealous
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