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Cellular South user from Curve to Hero am I expecting too much..?


Dec 7, 2009
Just having a bit of frustration. Amazed that I cant do some of the very simple and necessary tasks on my HERO that i could easily do with my slow, dated Curve.

- Cant open picture attachments or embedded pics with mail in the Gmail App. - All I get is a blue question mark in a box that I am unable to click on or open and no option to open.

- Can't open a .pdf document although I have the pdf viewer installed. - It just simply states "unable to open this file"

- Yahoo messenger through ebuddy doesnt have an option to attach a picture file .. or any other file

I have spent 4 days trying to get things straightened out on my Hero. Downloaded Handscent and now I have sms coming at me with the stock app as well as Handscent...

Any ideas about the other probs? Is this all user error?
Well, regarding the two notifications, you have to turn off notifications in the default sms app.

menu > settings > uncheck notifications.

In my gmail app, checking an email with attached photos gives me 2 options, download and preview. Do you not have these? I wonder if its to do with the type of image file? What type of images are they, standard jpg/etc?

Not really sure about the pdf either, again i have opened pdf's using pdf viewer no problems. Is this every pdf, or a certain one? If its just one, and therefor a compatibility issue there is likely to be an app on the market to allow you to read it.

I use meebo and this also doesn't allow me to attach files to send via instant message.. sorry!
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