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Charging time

charge times change depending on the ampage of your charger. you can buy higher amp charger that will charge your phone faster but can also make the battery warmer, heat can potentially be bad for a battery so I prefer to use a stock charger.

tldr I have a high end phone and it does indeed take ages to charge compared to my last gen backup droid phone.

edit:did a quick search on that model some people report anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours (hours seems a bit much) but they suggest sticking the phone into airplane mode (or just disable 3g, wifi, bluetooth) while charging to speed up the process.
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I recently picked up a LG G2 and noticed that it takes forever to charge (10% in 30 minutes). As a first time android user I was wondering if this was normal or if there is something wrong with my phone. Thanks

Which will be fully charged in about 5 hours, assuming a 2Ah battery. That's is about right for when charging via USB chargers or a computer. If you're using the phone while charging, it will take longer. I think some manufacturers might do faster charging, with their own specific chargers.
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P.s, contrary to the first reply (sorry mate) a higher current charger usually wont charge a phone faster. The phones kernel tells it how much maximum current to draw and the charger cant change that.
5hrs does seem a long time but the G2 probably has a high capacity battery. Mine is 2100mA/h and id say at takes about 2hours to charge when im not using it :thumbup:
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yea, 10% in 30 mins is not normal, and you should contact your carrier and get it replaced. Normal time with the LG charger is around 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours for a full charge. The LG stock charger is high amp. If you take another charger, you will get a message saying it is in slow charging mode. I get that when I use the charger that came with my galaxy nexus
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