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Root clockwork recovery

every time i turn off the DX and then turn it back on, it starts up in the clockwork recovery program, is this supposed to happen?
That sounds like you have the old DX Bootstrap installed. You can find the newest on the market or on koush's website

If you have the most up to date version Im not sure what would cause that.

i also lose some apps and widgets that i have downloaded, it says they are installed but when i try and find them, they are not there...

what the heck?

No clue on this part. What rom are you running?
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You can also use root explorer and
delete the hijack file
delete logwrapper file
rename the logwrapper.bin to logwrapper
(this also assumes you uninstalled the bootstrap app from your phone first)
i did that and it worked for me. not sure why it kept rebooting on recovery, mine it was every other boot.

btw, these files are located under /System/bin/
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I am rooted, overclocked @ 1.35lf, stock, when I try and view a vid on a website. My phone overheats I suppose. Locks up and shuts off. What u guys think?

1.35 ghz is far past what the phone is designed to handle.

The minute you overclock anything, any unexplained lockup should be immediately presumed to be the fault of the overclock.

I know everyone loves to crank the speed up, especially when it's as easy as pressing a couple buttons. But voltage increases shorten the phone's lifespan and I'd be surprised if most of these 1.3+ ghz overclocks are stable without substantial voltage changes.

Upshot: you shouldn't need to ask why your phone is locking up if you have overclocked it. Turn off the overclock and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then you can modify your overclock to get it more stable.
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