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Root clockworkmod installation error please advise/help


Android Enthusiast
Jul 29, 2010
Berkshire, England
ok so i just updated my oxygen 2.0 rc6 to rc7.. i then went to install a theme via amon recovery 2.0 and this is what it said when trying to update

install from sdcard
finding update package
opening update package
verifying update package
E:Missing file
E: verification failed

installation aborted

ok i then looked on the post and saw that i had to use clockworkmod 3 or higher so i put it onto my phone via fastboot

when trying to put the theme on now it says this

amend scripting (update-script) is no longer supported
amend scripting was deprecated by google in android 1.5 .
it was necessary to remove it when upgrading to the clockworkmod 3.0 gingerbread based recovery ..
please switch to edify scripting (updater script and update-binary ) to create working update zip packages
installation aborted

is there anyway to fix this ........

if not am i able to flash the theme the same way i did to put put clockwork on

ie adb fastboot bootloader
fastboot flash (whatever needs to go here instead of recovery ) frost_desire_02_rc7.zip
it says that on amonRA or 3.0.0.x? i thought you flashed clockworkmod?
3.0.0 does not support amend scripts, theyve gone down the avenue of forcing new scripting methods from google even though most people dont use them yet hense the error

eitherway if the script requires 3 then i would sack it off. clockworkmod 3 for desire is unstable and other roms and scripts are not all compatible as they do still support ammend scripts

flash amonRA back (2.0.1 is better) then toggle signiture verification
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