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Verizon droid users are already reporting they are receiving there updates to 2.01.. we havent even heard anything about us getting 2.0... im so jealous and pissed at the same time!

Root it !!!!!

We have already recieved parts of 2.0. I already have google nav with Labs, Google Goggles, multi touch and some stuff I dont even know yet.
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care to explain what the heck "with labs " means.. lol

"With Labs" Meaning it has some experimental features you can try including those noted above
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o so what you are saying is every time i go somewhere i should save it to my contacts so i can then retrieve it

I guess if you always need quick access to an address, then yes. Or even if you don't save an address to your contacts, google maps will give you a history of addresses you've typed in.

What did you mean by "saving destinations"? Did the iPhone version of google maps have a different saving feature than the one on Android?
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