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I bought an incredible and I returned an incredible and reactivated my storm. I don't want to do 47 things in 52 different places to get Contacts,Tasks, Calendar, and Notes. Outlook is a fact of life. I can not exist without it. Not exchange just plug and sync. I really enjoyed the incredible, but it went back. I tried companion link, insyncit, Google docks. some worked some time but way to much hassle. If we can view the stars and planets and check bar codes, why can't I do a simple sync?

Thanks for listening to my rant. T:(
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it will sync using htc sync... however, being fed up with MS Outlook and its syncing issues with WM 6, I changed to Google calendar and haven't looked back. This is about a year ago or more. Have I had any trouble with the calendar and syncing? NO! It's great! I encourage you to make the move if you are able to.

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