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Root Custom Bootanimations for C!


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Dec 9, 2010
So ive been working and researching this for quite some time this afternoon and finally figured out the most simple of ways to change ur Optimus C bootanimations via Root Explorer!

I am Not responsible if u place the file in the wrong folder and/or skip steps and cause ur phone to loop or brick!
uve been WARNED!

lol dont worry u wont brick ur phone doing this cuz i eventried to intentionally but it wouldnt so ur 100% safe if u follow my instructions

1. download View attachment bootanimation.zip
2. place on root of ur sdcard

3. unplug phone from pc and open root explorer, mount as R/W in top right corner
4. locate the Bootanimation.zip file and copy to folder system/media and place it there

5. change permissions to the following listed below


once u hit OK then reboot and watch our precious android eat the apple like the beast it is :D

and plz dont forget to thank me if this works, thats all i need guys


also a reminder if u have a bootimation u would like but doesnt fit i will gladly fix the size to fit our phones only takes 5 seconds so dont hesitate to ask
also contact me at Garyschoelkopf@gmail.com if u have questions and i would like u to send ur requests for the bootimations there to my gmail and ill fix them asap

thanks guys ENJOY!
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