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D3O case review


Dec 25, 2011
I got this case as its been popular in the comunity and wanted to give it a try...this case is absolutely gorgeous...looks great, feels great and seems to be one of the most protective cases out there that lets you keep the slick look of the device BUT the bad outweights the good... my main concern were the buttons..I got into a couple of rage moments and i believe I developed new muscles in my thumb from trying to press the on/off screen.
Hope this helps you guys!
D3o Galaxy s2 case review - YouTube

That's the case I have and I hate it. Lol ;)

What is to hate about it? It fits like a glove, button controls work perfectly and it has a slightly raised area on the front to protect the screen. The gloss back makes the case pretty much look like the phone. I looked very briefly at the Otter and damn that thing is ugly and I never put a screen protector on anyway. If the camera was recessed in the body of the phone I probably wouldn't even use a case. :)
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