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Help damn restarts!!!

You could always DL Lookout and scan your device for potential apps that could be the culprit. If nothing is evident, you may need to replace it.

I've yet to have a reboot and the only FC I've had was with the Market, but I'm pretty sure that was my doing as I was able to replicate it.

I've had the market FC issue and it's usually when i start rapidly queuing apps to download.
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I've had about 3-4 unexplained restarts too. I'm withholding judgment because I've been heavily configuring it over the weekend, including installing and configuring Go Launcher EX and doing multiple connections/disconnections to my computer to side-load files. But if it keeps doing it, I'll become concerned.

I've also had a number of apps disappear, but I'll post about that elsewhere. Have had to reinstall some of them several times.
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