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Help Delay When Answering


Jan 7, 2010
I had my first Verizon Nexus since January. I recently received a warranty phone after a charging issue. I've had the same problems with both...

When receiving a call, I answer it and say "Hello". No response, so I say "Hello" again and the other line then sounds kind of confused and says "Hello". What I've figure out is that the first time I say hello, I am not heard. This drives me f'ing crazy. I'm kind of a fast paced guy and when I'm busy, or the wife calls over and over, and I have to answer, say hello, pause, say hello again before finally getting a response is ANNOYING!

Anyone know of the reason or any fixes?
I've had this same problem. Ill have to pay closer attention to whether its on bluetooth or the handset or both. I'll try and report back.

Sounds like the one way audio issue. Search "one way audio" on this site. It is a radio issue but the .04 radios didn't fix it.

I thought the One Way Audio was more permanent or occurred later in a conversation, not just within the first second or two of the call... ?
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