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Help Delay when returning to Home Screen


Nov 18, 2010
Hi everyone. My Ally seems to be giving me a little trouble when trying to return to the home screen. No matter what app I am working in, whenever I either "back out" (using the back button) or by pressing the Home button, what happens is I see my wallpaper/background but it takes a good 10 seconds before any of my shortcuts/widgets appear.
I am currently on 2.2 but it was also happening when I was on 2.1 as well. Which leads me to believe that it is a bad app but I don;t know how to figure out which one. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
That happens to me using launcher pro.
Also adw ex takes about 6 seconds to populate the screen.
on 2.1 launcher pro and adw were faster than either stock launchers.
Now with 2.2.1 the stock launchers are faster than the above mentioned launchers....
Even though I paid for both they are uninstalled because waiting 4-8 seconds for the screen to populate is a fail for me.
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In my own experience (using adw launcher ex) it only happened when the phone killed or shut off the laucher. But i did have to wait for everything to load up. I have "system persistant" enable so it wont be shut down and its always there when i hit home its never caused issue with me but i could see it eating memory if you need it elsewhere. Just a thought.
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