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Root difficulties flashing ROMs other than venom

So I've been trying to use the Sunshine utility to gain S-OFF as I have not been able to get Firewater to work. This is my second M8 and my first I was able to get S-OFF and install pretty much any ROM I wanted. If I remember, I successfully used Firewater with and nV M8 ROM but I cannot get nV to flash properly now. I just tried flashing a basic stock rooted ROM and got stuck at the HTC logo on boot. I guess what I'm asking if anyone knows what could be causing this issue as I'm tired of Venom and definitely want S-OFF as well.

I think your issue is that without s-off the kernel isn't flashing when you flash your rom. You need to flash your rom then use fastboot to flash the boot.img

So put a copy of the rom on your pc. Extract boot.img from the rom.zip and put it in your fastboot directory.

Use the command: fastboot flash boot boot.img

Your rom should boot up after that.
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