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Does anybody *not* have screen banding?


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Jan 3, 2010
I was wondering if any of you guys do *not* have the issue with screen banding on grey colors. I've experienced them since day 1, and simply ignored it, but it's becoming a slight annoyance.

If it's a problem with only the initial batch of Gnex's or something, I'll gladly un-root, re-lock the boot loader and exchange. However, if it seems to be a problem through and through, I won't go through all the trouble.

There are a few other issues, and from time to time I consider switching for a Rezound, but I LOVE my Gnex. Not to mention I have screen protectors, a case and an extended battery ordered.
^ That's a good test.

If you see banding on that grey, that would be a good indicator that something is wrong.

If you see banding on very slight gradients however, this is actually normal. There is a limit to what colors any display can reproduce. Basically if something goes from navy blue, to a ever so slightly darker navy blue, you could easily see some banding in the gradient. You would see this even in Photoshop on a wide-gamut monitor.

People may very well be seeing real problems though, I'm just trying to explain a possible "false-positive" so to speak.
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hmmm. well my devices is back to stock, so I might as well swing by verizon to see for myself. Maybe i'll play with a few other phones to see if I'm missing out...

You guys have been great help!

One last question, all of you guys with *NO* banding, are you guys on day 1 devices?
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Yup. It's possible I'm just not sensitive enough to it to tell that it's there.

While I do admit I have young eyes, looking at my screen it's unmistakable. Makes me think mine is on the severe side, although it's not unbearable.

2nd one out of the store :)

Mine too :cool: I guess we shall see if the phones in store experience similar problems to mine.
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I get just a slight, and i mean SLIGHT to the point of only someone as anal as me would ever notice it, amount of vertical banding on the lowest brightness on that linked page. On medium and full brightness I get nothing. That being said, I am on my second Verizon Nexus already. My first one had a purple tint issue on dark grey colors and it did have pretty bad banding and noise at lower brightness, but after showing those issues to Verizon, they swapped me a new one and it is great.
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VERY subtle minor banding (both vert and horiz) with brightness at lowest setting. Can't see it at all above lowest brightness and I never use the phone that low anyway.

My screen does have a minor purplish tint on some darker grays like yours truelove79, but it's pretty minor and from what I hear of SAMOLED, the blues are stronger initially since they degrade faster. So over time it should get better. That might explain why the blue artifacts in my test video are blue and not gray, actually. Bad compression artifacts + overcompensating blue sub-pixel in pentile/samoled might explain it. I'm going to just deal with that stuff, as every time I hold/try the rezound and razr, it makes me want my nexus even more. :p
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