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Dots on Eris Screen????


Android Enthusiast
Dec 3, 2009
Under light I can see a ton of dots on the screen of the Eris, especially when the screen is off. They are evenly spaced and go across the entire screen. Now that I've noticed this, I can see them when the screen is on too and it's annoying me. Can someone check under bright light and see if they notice these dots going across the screen? Thanks.
they are on all capacitive touch screen phones.

Oh yeah? Well why don't you just shut up!!!!, lol.

On a serious note, thanks a lot. I had a feeling it was related to the touch screen. Still love the phone. Not loving screen protectors though...I just went through 3 of them because I couldn't keep dust from sticking to the bottom...and it drives me crazy. I wish they applied them for you at the store, I'd pay extra for that.
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