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Downloading Non-Android Market Software


May 17, 2011
Hello, I am new to the forum and have my first Android phone - which I love, for the most part.

On two occassions I have attempted to download apps outside of the Android Market - once from Amazon; and most recently software to read downloads from my public library account.

Both times, I get a message that the phone is secured from downloading non Android Market apps. I've checked all my settings and I guess I'm blind because I can't figure out how to reconfigure the settings to allow the downloads. Help!!! :thinking:

Running Firmware 2.2
That's simple, because you can't. At&t only recently changed its standpoint on non market apps. Hopefully soon there will be an update reversing this. Until then I recommended sideload wonder machine to install non market apps. Do a search on the forum to find the download and instructions

I would revise that to read "I recommend rooting and enabling non market apps". Takes about 45 seconds and gives more opportunities to install apps that are not compatible with unrooted devices..."keep the lights on" is a good example
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