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Downloads not starting anymore...


Dec 10, 2009

I have had my Hero on Orange since Dec and have never had a problem with the Market.... till now...

I tried to update some apps yesterday but when i click 'ok' to update, it just says 'starting download...' and just hangs like that, until i cancel it. The same thing is happening when i try to download any new application. I have never had a problem updating or downloading from the market in the past and my wifi signal is full.

I am on v1.5 and havent touched any custom roms.

The only things i can think of that may have possibly caused this are

1) i tried to update about 5 or 6 apps at the same time (has never been an issue in the past though

2) I may have cleared the cache for the market when i was cleaning up with the Quick App Clean Cache application the other day. Would this have casued a problem?

Any advice appreciated guys, it's doin my nut in and i don't want to have to call Orange....!
Thanks for the replies guys...

No joy unfortunatly... have tried Google Talk a few times but it keeps saying 'Could not connect to server. Will retry shortly.'

I had never used Google Talk on my Hero before...

Checked to see if I could log in (to Google Talk) online on my laptop and it did with no problems...

Have tried turning my Hero off (and leaving it a bit) a few times but still no joy. Still getting the same problens with apps not downloading/updating... getting frustrated now!

one more thing i did this week which could have contributed (??)... changed my email address from @googlemail.com to @gmail.com ... not sure if this would have affected anything, wouldn't have thought so as Google say that all settings will be carried across with the email account name change (rolling out across the UK now)...

Hmmm, any more suggestions folks??
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I'm having the exact same problem as you describe but with my G1 (hero is getting fixed at the moment :'( ).. I think you've hit the nail on the head.. I too changed from googlemail to gmail and now that I think of it I haven't been able to sign into gtalk or market to download.

Going to investigate further but I thought I'll post here to show there's with the problem :p

Update: just found this on google's site http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=159001

It mentions about not being able to sign into gtalk... I presume the market will be related, unfortunately a full reset is needed :-/. Going to try now

**Update 2
Fully working again now, gmail, gtalk and market are all working as expected! Remember you will lose all your contacts, messages etc when you do a reset, though if you use google contacts at least they will return

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Thanks Michael_84...

I wanted to avoid any reset (and all the faff of re-installing etc (need to read up on this still) really until i update to the 'eagerly awaited' 2.1 software upgrade...

There is still the option to change the email address back to @googlemail.com so i may just do that for now (then change it to @gmail when i upgrade to v2.1), and hopefully this should sort out the problem...


Yep that's done the job... so the moral of the story is...

if you want to be able to carry on downloading/updating apps & logging onto Google talk without having to do a reset, then don't update your Googlemail account to a gmail account.

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