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Help Droid is dead except for backlit screen and lit bottom buttons

I was happily using my Droid last Saturday afternoon and put it away in my purse only to find it a few hours later dead. The only sign of function is sometimes when I press the Power button, the screen is backlit and the 4 bottom buttons are lit. There is no other function at all. Even if I take the battery and SD card out and hook up to the power supply. Any suggestions? I heard there was a Saturday update so I'm wondering... it won't even respond to a hard reset (X-power buttons held down together).
With the battery installed, try plugging it into an AC outlet to charge. Maybe the battery is just too dead to boot the system although it lights the LEDs. If that doesn't fix it, I have no idea, as I don't think there's anything you can do without at least getting to recovery.

Perhaps while it was in your purse it got slammed against something too hard, got wet, or was sat on and damaged the phone in some way.
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