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Root Droid on Cricket Boot Loop


I have a DROID that has been flashed to cricket. I woke up this morning and the phone was working just fine. I went to turn on music and noticed all of my music was gone. I started my anti virus to see if maybe something there was causing an issue, and during the scan my music showed up. My phone started running really slow and some pop-ups started showing up stating that "whatever the name was" application has not responded with three options "Force close, wait, and report" When I got frustrated enough to pull the battery, I started getting a boot loop. In the past I get the loop anytime I pull the battery, but if I let it run for 3 or 4 boots, the phone works just fine and I go on with my life. This morning I was not able to get back to "just fine" And the phone has been in an infinite loop all day. I have had it charging, I have tried disconnecting the battery and all the options the forums online have stated. I can boot into recovery, and about every 6-10 boots the main screen will come up after the eye. I get the main screen with my lock code, the time, notification that I have a voicemail, and "no service" with 0 bars. I get that for about 3-10 seconds, and the phone reboots starting yet again at the white droid symbol screen.

While in recovery mode I have been able to navigate around the recovery screens. When I try to do a recovery though, I get "Error: nandroid exited with status 20" if I try to do a backup I get the same error just with status "36" I have no idea where do go from here. I have read that if I flash the SPRecovery it will fix the boot loop, but the biggest thing I am worried about here is loosing my Cricket flash. I do not know how all of this stuff works, so if I am calling the Cricket "flash" wrong, please by all means correct me.

If I can flash the SPRecovery while keeping my provider's "flash," or whatever you want to call it, are there instructions on how to do this flash of the SPRecovery?

Any help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance.


I have recently gotten my entry code in fast enough to get the background to show up. I have a loader app loaded and it showed all the icons at the bottom of the screen, but after a few seconds the phone went back into a boot loop. It showed the correct background, but it didn't show any of the applications loaded. I have let the phone reboot twice since starting this response, and got the same result. The second time I got my code in, I was able to see apps on the background, but a few short seconds later, the phone freezes and shuts off again. I see that I am making progress, but it has been hours so I am hoping there will be a quick answer to help me here.

Again, thanks for the help.
Would you be able to go get your phone reflashed to cricket again? it seems to me that the flashing process may have screwed everything up and you may need to do a full factory data/wipe through RSD lite then have it reflashed. Just make sure to follow the directions 120% when doing RSD as this is the only way to truly brick your phone.

(RSD lite converts the phone 100% back to new in Box state)

also if you havent tried it yet, boot into recovery and just do a data wip and cache wipe. worst that can happen would be you lose your data on the phone.
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I have done the latter. I was hoping to not have to do the former. I don't want to have to pay $75 to get it done, and there isn't enough info online to find the instructions for a Cricket flash, if there are any differences. I have been told by the local phone techs who flash, that my SD card is bad, and that is why they had issues rooting the phone in the first place. Could this be something to look at? I am going to buy a new SD card in a few minutes to try and just move info over to the new one. Would this work? Am I going to have to do something special with the new card to get my old flash and everything else back?

Thanks again for the response, and help.
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So I still get the customized boot screen. A white DROID with a green cricket under it, then move to the green eye. So I know wiping data didnt get rid of my cricket flash. I still cant get past the lock screen. I think I am going to have to reload a new ROM and see what happens. I am very new to this whole thing, but with the forums help I am sure I can get it.

One thing that did change getting a new sd card, was when I try to do a backup, it is successful now. Also when doing a recovery I get status 25 instead of status 20. There is progress. I will work on studying to get a new ROM and flash the SPRecovery. Anybody have a good link to instructions on how to flash it? Thanks
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So I have loaded a new ROM, and the phone is working great as far as talk and txt goes. I now need to figure out how to get my web back up and running. I have changed my APN settings to what I need them to be, but my PRL settings are at 31200. Anybody know what my PRL setting needs to be? I am still getting the cricket guy when I call my voicemail so is it possible I am wrong here in thinking I need to change the PRL setting? If I am wrong, what possible solutions do you have that would help me with getting the web back? Thanks again for all the help.
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