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Help Droid X Ringtone keeps changing...

I use different ringtones for as many as 12 contacts so that I know who's calling me! Once in a while when the last person that has a dedicated ringtone calls me the default phone ringer set itself to that person's ringtone.

I turned off my phone took the battery off and the rebooted, the problem goes away for a awhile and before you know it happens again!!!

Any solutions? It's really bothersome when you think a particular person is calling you, (because of a ringtone) you answer and it someone else...:eek:

Any suggestion is appreciated:)
I use RingDroid to set a couple of contact specific ringtones. I've noticed that if I turn my X off, then back on, my overall ringtone will remain, but the "special" ones I've assigned to certain contacts defaults to some goofy ring. I don't even know if it's a default ring or what, but either way, it's annoying and lame. I believe Moto has identified this as an issued on the list of fixes coming in an update, but there's no timeframe set for it.
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Are you using one of those ring tone downloader apps? My gf had tons of problems caused by those.

Yes I'm using "Zedge" I got it from the Android Market, and it has 4.5 stars. So since it was highly rated by other people I downloaded the app. There is a great selection of ringtones, and they all sound great. However the ringtone being mixed up really sucks!

Don't know if it's a Moto or an Android issue! Hope a fix is on its way.

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