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Duke Nukem Forever

Well, after a bunch hours in game (no MP as of yet) I am kind of ambivalent as to how I feel about it.

It has some pretty amusing things (I do really like how so many things can be interacted with) and it has a nice throwback feeling. If that was planned of just a byproduct of it living in limbo for well over a decade I don't know. I expect the latter. It's also a reference fest, I almost peed myself when I was offered Master Chief's armor.

I just feel a little bit bummed as of now. The biggest thing that gets me is that there appears to be a hell of a lot of wandering without much going on. It might just be nostalgia and time clouding my recollection, but the previous games felt much more frenetic. I started doing impersonations of the Swedish Chef when there is nothing happening, and I've come to realize it's kind of frequent. So many spots that seem like there at once was something intended to happen, but it doesn't.

Also it might just be the luck of the PC draw (I am above and beyond recommended specs and I dropped settings a tad), but I am getting some stupid bugs. Pig Cops teleporting, melee not being recognized, placing mines and the laser never appears and they aren't ever activated, and the most annoying things is moderately bad slowdown when there is not an assload going on. But, I can have multiples and have a shit hit the fan situation and things are silky smooth. I am not even an armchair developer/programmer/whatever the correct term is, but that seems very wrong.

I so badly want to love it and think maybe I broke my golden rule of not getting my hopes up because then I am always let down.
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