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Help Dumb Bettercut question


Dec 8, 2009
Okay I cannot figure out how to change the icon on widgets on my desktop. I open Bettercut in my drawer > new shortcut but don't know what to do here. It appears as though I should "Make your own" but how to properly fill this part out is not clear to me. Can't find any manuals online...I'm sure this is easy but I have no idea what I am doing.

As an example I am trying to get a custom Handcent icon...
If you're referring to the actual Handcent widget (that shows the unread count) then you can't change that with Bettercut, because it's not technically a shortcut, it's a widget. If you want to just change the launcher (shortcut icon) for Handcent, go to Bettercut > New Shortcut > Activity > Handcent SMS. I think the sub-name is HandcentExList or something like that. It should work to launch the app.
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