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Easy way to switch icons sets?


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Jan 20, 2010
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So everytime I change the wallpaper, I feel the need to change the icons to match. Only thing is that it is quite tedious to manually change each and every icon I have with the new ones. Worst is when I want to change back to the icons I had before. I want to know is there a way that I can save icon sets I have uploaded so that I can easily change the icons set back and forth?

1) Android Icons set
2) Buff Icons set
3) Tallmin Icons set

What I'm looking for is that when I change from one set to the other, it'll automatically change all of the icons on the home screens with those icons.

I have folderorganiser and desktop visualizer. Does anyone know if any of these apps would do it or if there's another app.

I see members here changing constantly changing themes and icons. So there must be an easy way to do this that I'm missing.

Thanks in advance,
I'm not aware of a one-click-change-all solution, I'm afraid. Normally I change icons one at a time when I change wallpaper/theme.

But there's something you can do with FolderOrganizer that makes things a little easier to switch icons which may help.

1. Make a new Label name in FolderOrganizer (for example, 'Theme 1')

2. Make a note of all the apps that have links on your current homescreen(s)

3. Add these apps to the 'Theme 1' Label using FolderOrganizer

4. When you change wallpaper, open FolderOrganizer and open the 'Theme 1' Label

5. You will see a list of all the apps on your homescreens in the Label list, so you can go through them and change the icons in FolderOrganizer. This is quicker than going through all the apps in the FolderOrganizer Apps list, as it keeps everything that needs changing in a single list.

EDIT: The latest version of FolderOrganizer has the option to Export and Import. I'm not exactly sure how this works, but it's possible that you could create different custom icon sets for all your apps, Export each one with a unique file name, then Import them as and when you change your theme. Hope this would work, I'll give it a test when I have time.
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Can someone link me to a thread or tell me how to change icons with LPP?

LauncherPro Plus lets you change icons on the dock at the bottom of your Homescreen. First, set up the number of dock icons you want and the background image:

Menu > Preferences > Dock settings, then:

Number of docks > 1, 2 or 3 (either 5, 10 or 15)

Enable loop scrolling: lets you swipe the dock icons to see the next set.

When the docks are set up, you can do a few things with each dock icon:

Menu > Preferences > Appearance Settings > Dock background. This lets you change the dock background. There are a few included with LPP, or you can choose Custom and select an image from your Gallery. I use dock images from LauncherPro Icons

Changing the icons on the dock is easy. Just long press any dock icon and you get three options:

Change Shortcut: lets you select the app or shortcut that opens when you tap the icon.

Change Icon: lets you select one of the default LauncherPro icons, or a custom icon that you downloaded and stored on your SD card. For some reason you can't select Icon Packs that have been downloaded from the Market. There's an ever expanding list of LP icons at LauncherPro Icons

Swipe gesture action: Each dock icon can perform a function by pressing it or swiping it. For example, my "Call" dock icon opens the phone dialler when I press it, and opens my Contacts list when I swipe it. Pressing my "Email" dock icon opens ChompSMS which I use for several POP3 email accounts, and swiping opens the stock email app which is set up with my company Exchange Activesync email account.
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