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Help Emails not appearing in notification bar


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Nov 19, 2011
Using stock email app and have multiple accounts set up on it. All but one are showing up in the notification bar. The emails are coming in as I see them if I go to the account to look. And if I go to the Sync now button, they will show up in notifications but only then. I've checked in Setting tand the "Email Notifications" box is selected.
On the phone, when i go to settings>accounts and sync NONE of my accounts are showing YES to Sync. They're all OFF. And yet they're all syncing with the exception of this one. When I select any account in this setting it takes me to the General tab where I can view the options for each account and I've verified that they all, including the broken one, are set to notify.
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I go to settings>accounts&sync and i'm finding that it keeps defaulting to "off". Is there a way to set it to stay "on"?

That's a bit strange. They should stay enabled.

So there's the button way at the top of the accounts/sync screen that's the master sync toggle. Then you can press on each instance and enable/disable sync for each account separately. Final thought is go back into settings for the offending account and make sure sync frequency isn't set to "never".

How many email apps do you have set up total? Could there be a limit we are unaware of? Just brainstorming here.
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I know this is a bit of work but have you tried deleting and reinstalling accounts? Or at least the one that isn't working right? Better than a full factory reset. And out of curiosity, do you remember which of the accounts was the last one you set up?

An interesting experiment would be to reinstall 4 out of the 5 with the currently bad one in that list. If they all work, then add the 5th one...which is one that was previously ok and see if the problem follows the 5 account scenario. Just a thought.
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