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Help Evo 4G Getting Slower and Slower


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Apr 6, 2011
San Jose, CA
I bought my Evo 4G in March this year and it has the V4 hardware. I have updated the software to the latest version. Lately, I have found that it is becoming slower and slower. For example, when I tried to record a video, it would freeze up from time to time. The Facebook application is much slower now.

Is this common?

Have you checked your internal memory lately?
From your home screen:
menu > settings > SD & Phone Storage

Toward the bottom, take a look at the "Available space" under "Internal storage."
Is this number more or less than 50 MB?

The phone should still function decent on down to about 30MB, below that, you will definitely have some issues. Typically, I'd say keep it at least at 50, if not above.

If it looks like you are running low on space trying clearing some cache in some of your apps or removing apps you don't use.

If internal storage doesn't seem to be an issue, there are some other things to look at as well.
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EVO 4G - Support and Troubleshooting: Sticky: Task Killers! Must read...
This information will make life with Android allot smoother and you will have a better time with your phone if you decide not to use task killers.

Perhaps try a task manager first so you can see if any particular app is taking over, and then kill only that app - or better, uninstall it.

Personally, I use Watchdog Lite (it's free in the market). You can see real time CPU and memory usage by each running service.
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