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Help Evo Connection Issues


Feb 14, 2011
Ok, now im just gonna be lazy and not flip thru 132 pages of evo stuff. I'm a new owner of an Evo. As is my wife. The problem is that I can hold the phones literally side by side and download the same app/anything, and my phone d/ls at good 3g speed. Her's however is 1/6 that speed. I've tried everything including calling sprint, visiting a sprint store, and wiping the phone. Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening to her phone? Sprint store ppl are saying that its just "the phone itself" and that sometimes the Evo "just does that". Gimme some pointers plz
Hey sir, welcome to the forums, I'm in the same boat as your wife and just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I got my Evo almost two weeks ago and have been having the same issues, I had a 5 phone download off (Joys of having all workers on sprint and having smart phones and being bored at work) on 10 different youtube videos, and 2 apps, it was 3 evos, an epic, and a moment, all of the phones finished loading/downloading, the youtube vidoes my phone would stutter out andd goto sleep after 10 seconds, the other 2 evos one on HQ and the other not finished before my phone fell asleep, the moment and epic did as well. There is a certain amount of rage that goes with this, your best bet is to take them into the store, show the person who deals with you the difference, let them know in under no circumstances is this acceptable and that they need to give you a new Evo. Sorry for the rantiness, I literally just did this tonight, it wasn't a scientific test with stop watches or anything just laying the phones out and loading the videos/apps with our sound off, angry birds took almost an hour to download on my phone, I will be going into the sprint store tomorrow and giving them a polite yet firm earful of disgruntled customer of 6 years.
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