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Help Evo constantly rebooting. yet again.

Ok, My evo is rooted, but this was an issue prior to rooting. I would reboot if i was watching a video online, or just on the internet. I took it to sprint and they did a hard reset, and issue was resolved, then it continued again. So now it's random, If i plug it into my computer, for a few minutes, or if I use the gps maps navigation. Today i was in the car, and plugged it into the charger about 10 minutes later I hear the sprint boot screen, few seconds later and few seconds later.

Did a battery pull, sd was out of it at the time.. Did several batt pulls,put sim back, batt pull and turned it off, charged it turned it back on. any possible solutions with out doing a nan back up, I have some text that i need to read 1st, thanks for any help

(ps it has been continuously doing this for about 10 minutes straight) agh wtf?:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


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