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Help EVO not charging while connected by USB (and used as disk drive)

I should have added the rear ports work fine, it's just the front ports and a card reader with another usb port on it. I think it's a hardware issue. The card reader stopped working as well, and now none of the front ports work right: some devices are recognized, some are not, phone charges but no drive, it shows that a card is inserted but can't see files, etc.

I think tracerit's issue might be hardware related... wasn't trying to hijack the thread...lol
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i've never had this issue before until i got my refurb'ed phone. so usb port, cable, everything else is the same. it turns out it may possibly be a loose connect inside the port. because i was able to use the SD card through the phone but it just never charged while connected for over an hour. i just have to be more careful to make sure to plug in the cable all the way in because with this current phone, there are two distinct "clicks" until it's entirely secure with no give/play.
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