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They've been through the code names and name confusions - AF's been confident enough on this one to have already given it its own forum - HTC EVO Shift 4G - Android Forums

Personally, I don't care for goodandevo.com, so here's another peek or two -
HTC EVO Shift 4G Sprint Phone Expected Out Jan. 9 | Top Tech Reviews
Leaked Photo of HTC's EVO Shift 4G Shows It's Got a Sliding Keyboard

And - nothing wrong with alternatives. I've been holding off on WifelyMon's Epic, am not thrilled with Samsung right now, am still thrilled with HTC, so I'll be sure to be showing her this one.

She's gotten used to typing on glass, but still uses her Moment's keyboard often - and if the pictures are correct, then FINALLY someone has brought back a qwerty layout, not a chicklet-version of qwerty.

WARNING about that picture - that's clearly sporting the same sort of case I used to have for my Moment - and we know the screen was Photoshopped.

Here's a more level-headed view - conclusion - too soon to tell....

More HTC EVO Shift 4G Specs Emerge
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My crystal ball says that whatever final form it takes, it's going to perform better right after users here intensely scrutinize its as-shipped configuration, it'll get mind-blowing performance tweaks from devs posting at XDA, and then we'll collaborate on who's gotten root to break open with the latest instructions.

Not being snarky - I just know if this phone is what it looks like, I'm not going to have my hands on one on launch day and I already wish I would.

But I stand by my assessment in that 1st paragraph.
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If in fact that's the case I'll be quite happy. I absolutely love the G2 and if I were on TMo I'd get one in a heartbeat.

But one thing that really REALLY will irk me if true - no trackpad?! I have gotten by without it on my EVO because the screen is so huge but I feel like I'd really need one with a 3.7-incher. Plus, the way the G2's pad lights up is wicked. I'd bet anything the Shift will just have the same uber-dim little LED's that the Hero and EVO have.
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That's what it sounds like, a slightly different case (different buttons at the bottom) but the internals should be identical.

I also really like the G2, and am waiting to hear more about the shift's release date.

And I wouldn't worry about the trackpad, I had the inc (also 3.7") and big fingers, and it's not an issue.
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too bad the phone is butt ugly. that chrome border is way too much. i think i'll wait for the next gen (tegra 2) phones. the EVO will last till then, it's a pretty good phone.

Butt ugly is the understatement of the century here. Seriously, I can't believe they took a (IMO) beautiful thing like the G2 and messed it up this bad. The original EVO is not a bad looker either. But obviously the two mixed in a blender and given a coat of blue paint (WTF?!) don't work.

I could only pray that this is an early prototype but nowadays leaks like this end up being what we get. Sad :(
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Here's a picture of the back that I didn't see in the link above:

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I believe what a few people on another site have suggested and that is that the blue around the keyboard in the most recent leak may be a protective film. I am really hoping that is the case. It would be very UN-HTC like for them to make a phone that actually looks that bad. I also hope the border that looks like chrome is just reflective gray/silverish plastic that is just showing up poorly in those pictures. I guess we'll see soon enough. Hopefully Sprint actually announces it with some decent pics or whoever has one learns to use a damn camera before posting the pics.
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i could not wait... got the itch... xmas toy..

got the EVO...
now.. i am spoiled with the screen...
Unless there is something really great... I am not sure about the Shift!

You won't be disappointed. Did you get that Radio Shack deal for $99? I've loved mine since the day I got it on the inital release.

I thought I would hate not having a physical qwerty, but now I can't see myself ever going back to having one unless they find a way to make phones just as thin as the candybar phones.
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