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Root Evo Stuck on Bootloader loop and does not accept any roms


Aug 28, 2011
Rooted my evo with unrevoked. several days later it turned off and got stuck on the bootloader loop. I've wiped and tried to install new roms but it tells me that it cannot stat build.prop

Ive tried the stock rom and many others. Anyone know what i can do to fix this situation?
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try wiping dalvik cache and cache. what recovery do you have? and what are you wiping before flashing a rom?

I assume you quoted the wrong person?

He said he wiped just was not specific about what he wiped. maybe he will come back and we can help him. Erm you can help him, I just poke my nose in when I can.
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He says he wiped /System through CWM. This would make sense as he is getting an error about /system/build.prop. We need to look up a way to restore /system.

To restore a nandroid backup you would first have had to create a nandroid backup. Following the instructions posted on these forums on how to root, I am certain one of the steps included making a nandroid backup.

You can check by selecting backup/restore in clockwork and see if you have anything available to restore.
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So i did everything and when i try to install the rom i get this:

failed to stat "/system/build.prop" No such file or directory
E: Error in /sdcard/update.zip
(status 7)
Installation aborted

Crash, exactly what rom are you attemtping to flash? I ask just to verify the ROM is compatible with Evo4g.

Also I have found that downloading to my PC first then copy/paste over to my SD card is the cleanest method to download roms. When I have downloaded directly to the SD card for some reason it gives issues from time to time.

With that said I suggest you redownload the ROM your trying to flash directly to your PC first...
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