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Help Extra contacts in messages that aren't in people


May 15, 2010
Hello, sorry if this has been addressed already, but I've been looking everywhere and I haven't found an answer still and it is frustrating the hell out of me.

When I go to messages, it lists a ton of e-mail addresses and duplicate names etc etc. When I go to people, these are not listed.

It seems like it is listing every single e-mail address i have ever e-mailed from my gmail account. How do I get rid of this??

For example: John Jones is not listed in "people". But if I go into messages, and check the contact list, it will show two entries:

"john jones: johnjones@gmail.com"
"john jones: johnjones@yahoo.com"

I was able to remove all of the facebook contacts it automatically added, which was stupid to begin with.
I found this out...

There is no way to turn off auto-adding of contacts. You can suggest it using the link below.

But all android-based cell-phones do offer a way to import only the "my contacts" portion of your contacts list. And when you are using the web interface, you can just ignore the "all contacts" list and focus on "my contacts", which you can control fully.


Stop Gmail From Automatically Adding Contact? - Gmail Help

Can anyone test this on the Inc for me? see if you can control it? TIA
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