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Help Extract still photo frames from video


Apr 18, 2011
So I purchase my Galaxy S4 a week ago. The first day I used it, I took some video. During video playback (not during video filming), I was able to extract still photo frames. There was a small box in the upper middle of the video during playback just under the name of the video and if I hit that it would capture a still frame of the video. On either side of that button were arrows to advance the frame forward or back. There was no hooking it up to a computer or anything, it was on the phone itself.
So last night instead of taking pictures I video the fireworks hoping to extract the photos so today I try and the little box is no longer there. When I was first able to do this it was a stock phone, I did not have any apps downloaded. Has anyone else been able to exract frames from video? What am I doing wrong?
Also, it was not a screen shot of the video, it was an actual extracted frame from the video during playback.
Which video player are you using?

You should be able to go to Samsung's video player (App drawer->video), and enable capture (menu, settings, capture--yes), and play the video that you want to capture frames from. Then, when the video is playing, just tap the screen and it should take a snapshot of the video for you into your gallery.
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