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Help facebook app keeps loggin me out?????

more info to help possibly..

are you rooted?
no, not rooted

have the latest updates?
yes im on 2.2

did you install or uninstall something prior to this happening?

how long has this been happening?
for as long as i can remember

do you have the latest facebook updates?

do you use friend stream at all?
no should i?

are you using a task killer?


thanks for your help
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another thing to note. me and my gf share the same facebook account. She also has an evo with the facebook app. Can that be the reason? She doesn't seem to have the problem i have though :thinking:

I am not sure that facebook recognizes two mobile connections. It could be defaulting to her connection though.

are you both using the facebook app from the market or the htc facebook app?

or are you using one and she the other?

have you set up facebook via menu, settings, accounts and sync?

are you going to facebook via the app or via the web browser?
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