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Help Film over camera lens

CRAP. I didn't have anything but the sledgehammer.

Kidding aside, if it's been on a longer while than intended to be, it may have dried onto the lens. Just take some rubbing alcohol to it on cotton (like a Q-tip or cotton ball). That type of alcohol is used by techs to clean electronic parts, etc, as it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

A clean small piece of wooden article, such as the mentioned tooth pick will work, as will a pencil eraser.

But the sledge.. now that could be fun. Expensive, but fun. :D
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Do you have a case on your phone?
If so, take it off and see if one of two things happen
1) the film is gone (it's now on the inside of the case)
2) you can now use something smaller than the sledgehammer that Frisco is handing you to access the film.

I got it I finally got my fingernail up under the top of it.:D
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I removed the film on my first GS4 but thus far have left it on my current GS4. No ill effects in pics noted. I do have a case (Speck Candy Shell Grip). But since my pics look good, I've just never bothered to remove it.

It's a bit odd in that the film has a hole in it right over the camera lens... almost as if it was intended to be left in place. But I don't really know that it serves any purpose, especially when the GS4 is in a case that protects the lens.
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