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Finally--extended case for the extended battery

does this go over the cheap plastic phone back or does it replace it? It almost looks as though if one were to take the back off the phone that the standard battery case would stretch over the extended battery,
i believe, it goes over the entire phone....i have done hours,days and so on,,this is the first case that will support the extended battery...verizon has a plastic holster,,have it,but no if i dropped the phone, the chances are, it would break. The one mentioned atleasts gives a cushion added to the phone.
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are tpu cases "sticky"? I keep my phone in my pocket, it might gather a lot of dust/lint? :) i use an otterbox commuter which has both hard and soft cover, but i'm looking for something that fits the extended battery. Thanks.
i have one, not bad/fits the regular battery,, but if you explore the options when using the extended battery, and this is the only real protection out there so far... A gamble of $12.90 for the case is a good investment in my opinion..
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Happy Happy Day to me!!............My TPU extended battery case just arrived....I've been waiting for an extended battery case to start using my extended battery and today it is!.......to answer JJT's question........no, it is not sticky.....like my silicone case was.......I bought the black case with the matte finish on the back and smooth/shiny on the front.......it's got a nice grip feel to it.........

$12.90 including shipping......ordered Wednesday.....arrived Saturday..........excellent!
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Yes, it fits fine in the standard & vehicle dock........





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How does the case feel in the hand? Is it sturdy or does it have give? Can you feel/hear/make the phone battery door squeak through the case? I already have the shell case for the Bionic w/ extended battery and I'm thinking about buying this but I don't want to end up with a case that feels low quality.
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