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Help Flaky Charging Port


pain rustique
Nov 8, 2009
Well, I think the charging port on my Gnex (Verizon) is starting to fail. :(
It goes in and out of charging and sometimes I have to wiggle it a little bit (which I'm sure isn't helping the situation).
Anyone else having this problem?
Our OG Droids went two years without any issues. I'm hoping this doesn't get worse as I'm pretty strapped for cash on a new phone.
Yeah definitely go for a new cable. My port started going wonky on me recently also, and it is starting to get loose like yours. I just cleaned it really good with some sharp needle-nose tweezers and blew out all the gunk that has collected over the past year from going in and out and in and out of pockets and what not. Works much better now, I bet that would help you out a bit
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Yeah, I've found mine often shows "USB Charging" when its plugged in. I've come to check it when I plug it in to make sure. If its USB I unplug and re-plug to make it come up "AC Charging". Its the original GN cable and block. I don't know if its the cable or the port.

Where do you see if it is USB or AC Charging? On the Lockscreen it just says charging...

EDIT: NM found it when I went into the settings for battery, it has (USB) next to charging, I could have sworn this was not here before.
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If one of the USB data lines isn't making a good connection then the phone will report it is USB charging even when plugged into a AC charger. I suspect that we are wearing out the USB ports because we have to plug in the GNEX so frequently to keep it charged.
I recently had the problem of the Gnex charging/USB port going bad. It wasn't the cable. It was the port itself. I tried cleaning it but that didn't help. Bending the port casing got it back to at least working intermittently. I ended up replacing the port. Instructions are on iFixit.com. I bought the new part on Ebay from "gadgetfix". The description for CDMA version is:"OEM Samsung Galaxy Nexus CDMA i515 Dock Flex Charger Port Charging USB Connector". Make sure you get the right part since the CDMA version is different from the GSM version. The GSM PC board has is noticeably longer. Total cost ~$10. Changing it out was a little scary. Itty bitty parts and you have to be real careful to get everything back exactly right. I did this myself because the local phone fixit shops have horrible reputations. It works fine now.
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