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Flash Player Downloads

It gets consistent incremental updates.
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Are there updates expected in the future?

Well knowing mostly each update is monthly, I guess there should be more updates for 4.x. Knowing FP didn't continue with JB, but are still continuing with ICS, and how are nexus 4 works Flawlessly with it, I sure am convinced that Flash Player will continue their work :D unless an alternative comes along
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Will this work on the Nexus 10, running android 4.3?

Yes :)

On a general note: Adobe stated that there would be no new development of Flash (for Android) but that existing releases would continue to get security/bug fixes for a while. This is why we still see minor version changes now and then.

So don't expect any new features or enhanced compatibility with any newer Android version since 4.0; it's not going to happen.
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