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Root Fresh 3.4.01 Released for All

I flashed the doner version 2 nights ago...the night I flashed it around 1-2am it was charging and at 100%...did not charge it over night and the next day at 9pm it finally needed a charge...this went up from having it charged overnight and needing a charge around 4-5pm...today will be my first "real" day test...for the record before I would usually have around 9-10 hours before needing a charge


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Any one else not able to view excel and word documents with the new Fresh? I also do not see the app Quick office, which i think is needed for viewing those documents. Any ideas? or does any one have an APK for a word and excel viewer?

There should be a folder there that has other stock apk and bloatware if you want to reinstall them.
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