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Froyo 2.2 Overhyped?

Think it just ploishes some things... rounds them out a bit.. hence the moving up a mere .1. Haven't really explored the camera upgrades that much.

Nice to see we got some EVO specific tweaks. I just wish they would have changed the name if the phone. It really is a stupid name.
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I think some people were expecting it to look different... The upgrade(s) are more than worthwhile...

Read the feature list... It's quite impressive....

If people were expecting to see something different in as far as the OS looks, then of course many will be disappointed...

While it may look the same, it's nowhere even close to the same...

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Truly over-hyped. It does offer inproved speed enhancements throughout, most notably with the browser. It seems as Sense kept some of the graphical OS changes from us. It will probably be more noticiable for Vanilla Android users.

I guess to some, if your "educated", then its a completely different experience because they know exactly what everyone isnt go to see.

What I find really funny was the amount of drama leading up to Froyo's release. You would have thought the Apocolypse was around the corner. I updated and thought to myself "This is it? All of that hype on the forums for this?...ha!"

Its cool, I will say that, but to the average user (read: 99% of users) it seems like merely a simple software update.
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Hence the reason why im still on my 2.1......Im not giving up root just for JIT(Just In Time Compiler).....Thats the only true Upgrade....I might not even update on the 3rd until they root the Stock Rom

they had the stock rom rooted over at xda yesterday. i kept my root and am running the new froyo stock rom. I like it, my phone seems to run smoother :)

of course being sunday night now, you might as well wait for tuesdays updated version
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I think it was overhyped as well. I was hoping for some major improvements and changes, but I believe that was due to all the hoopla going around. I've been using Baked Snack for some time now, and Froyo didn't even seem as snappy or smooth as that. I liked the passcode lockscreen, but didn't notice much else. I might just flash it again to dive a bit deeper; otherwise I'll keep my custom rom until 3.0 runs around and truly changes Android.
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did you guys forget that it was only an MINOR upgrade; going from 2.1 to 2.2 is a minor upgrade, so why would anyone believe any of the web hype on stuff like this anyway?
I like it, its smoother and quicker, for me, and I have alot of stuff running on my phone most of the time.

Whem 3.0 comes out, there will probably be some major changes then.
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took me a day or so to figure out how to get the voice commands working properly
I had Vlingo, and Blueant's BT programs installed before, and, I had to uninstall them both, then get the BT voice commands working properly, THEN, I re-installed Vlingo,and everything works as expected.Having vlingo AND the Blueant software was making things problematic
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