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Root Froyo Kernel Release date?

Does anyone have an idea when we will get the kernel to the latest ota fresh is still just a bit buggy

If your speaking of the HTC kernel source for the FroYo update then it will likely be least 1month. They were haggled a lot to release the last kernel update for the 1.47 release software and it took about 1month from what I recall.
Now to if the haggeling to Tech support and there Attorney dept. actually did anything to help, no one will ever know for sure, and anyone that says it did or didn't is purely speculating and wasting time posting saying it did or didn't.
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This kernel is NOT based on the 2.2 source. It's a 2.1 kernel modified to work with Froyo. I think it's legitimate to want to know when the 2.2 source is released so that the devs can do a proper 2.2 custom kernel.

That said, the "froyoized" kernel from netarchy works pretty damn well. I'm looking forward to his real 2.2 kernel.
agreed not the real thing

and while it is nice it's still buggier than a 3rd graders hair

case in point pdanet ran stable on the stock kernel they released but not on the one by netarchy

he is a genius but it still needs work and or source for 2.2
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